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Best vent mount for the iPAQ H2210 [Arkon CM047-S Pedestal Swivel Vent Mount - 102911]

  • sdharris
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Hi, I'm looking for a decent vent mount for an iPAQ H2210, without sleeve or anything like that as I don't think it takes one. In the past I've used the universal mount, but that seems to have changed design. Is this mount suitable? Cheers, Steve.
Steve, You'll want to go with the model CM629 instead. The CM429 is only for use with the Navman or Pocket CoPilot GPS sleeves and the older style Dual Expansion and PC sleeves. The cradle used in the CM429 fits those expansion packs like a glove. The CM629 is the universal SIDE GRIP cradle solution. With most of the iPAQs being thinner now, the CM629 universal cradle provides an ideal cradle for mounting nearly all types of Pocket PC. You may also want to consider the Powered Multimedia Mounts for the iPAQ. This is the one I use... It has a buitl in amplified speaker that allows you to jack up the volume in your car. It also powers your iPAQ. You can choose from any of the models CM505, CM506, CM507, CM508 or CM509 as they all come with the vent mount pedestal. I use the CM506 universal windshield powered mount as I'm constantly traveling. The windshield pedestal is really the only one that's designed to be easily detached and reinstalled in any vehicle. Cheers!