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Information on the Achos 604, 504 and 404 [ARCHOS Gmini XS200 - 121145]

READ HERE > The 604 has a 4.3" (iPod video 2.5"), very thin 13 million colour screen. The 504 has a 4.3" screen but can have an 80gb or 160gb hardrive, resulting in it being thicker the the 604. Lastly the Archos 404 is archos'' ''iPod'', featuring a small screen, (still larger then an iPod screen) 30gb hard drive (the 604 has 30gb also). In my opinion, and I have both, there are so much better then Ipods just google archos604 and you''ll see that iPod are not the best of their range. They are in comparison far more mediocre. Thank you for reading.