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Any news from Archos on a likely delivery date? [ARCHOS 70 Android Internet Tablet (8GB) - 203487]

When these tablets were first announced they quoted a mid October delivery so I wondered if there is any update on that?



yeah dude im wondering the same thing i keep checking online.. but no one knows when it will come out eagerly waiting and would appreciate any kind of info
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At the moment we are expecting the stock mid November, but that can still change. 

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Still no date? Archos are selling them direct now.
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Lots of people have taken delivery in US do we have a confirmed delivery date yet?
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I notice my order delivery date has gone from 10 days to 18 days, can anyone give me an update I could have got one from US for a $100 less and much quicker
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Still no news on deliveries dates just come and go with no advice. It would be great if you kept us updated on the real situation.


Are there better tablets out there for this kind of money with genuine delivery available?

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I am completely over the lack of communication and the dates given to me on the phone and in emails.  I have been looking around to see if there is anything at least as good but I haven't found anything yet.
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I don't believe they know.

I have had my order in for over a month and delivery has been estimated as low as 3 days and as high as 21 days. For the last 5 days they have been adding one day to expected delivery each day and suggesting its always 10 days away.

I rang the help line and although the staff were very obliging they couldn't give me any firm information. Supplies of these devices are short but other dealers seem to have definite information on delivery and some devices coming through but Expansys don't. I think they must source from other dealers rather than the supplier hence the lack of information and stock.

I am starting to believe the only way to get this device in Australia is to buy from a US site where they do have stock trickling through. You would still have to wait a bit because no-one has stock right at the moment. If I had done this in the first place I would have had mine 3 weeks ago and have saved $50-$100. It wouldn't necessarily have Australian warranty.