ARCHOS 504 80GB Media Player – サポートフォーラム

cant get Archos to record TV help please! [ARCHOS 504 80GB Media Player - 142690]


Hi, Help! I cant get my Archos to record from the TV! I can - but I have to leave the TV ON! and If I change channels  the Archos records whatever's happening on the TV.

 I've spent hours reading the instructions to set it up via Infared through my freeview box, but can't get it to work.

One reason - the satellite received option doesn't show Goodmans (my Freeview box is Goodmans!) and I can't therefore, find the IR channel codes.

I can't use Yahoo to sechdule the Archos via the PC, as you can only use the U.S scheduler, UK Yahoo TV doesn't have a scheduling option on it!!

ARGH!! I've lost hours and hours of my life!! please help me!! :(


seriously, 44 people have read my post, but NO ONE has an answer or any help?

:( booh