Apple iPhone XR A2108 – サポートフォーラム

수입관세 / 수입할때 필요한 절차같은게 있나요? is there any preparation required for importing this product? [Apple iPhone XR A2108 - 312966]


말레이시아로 택배 받기를 원하는데

여기에 나와있는 가격에다가 수입관세도 내야하나요?

아니면 수입할때 필요한 license 라도 있는지 궁금해서 여쭤봅니다



im an individual buyer who would like to recieve this iphone xr A2108 in malaysia

is there any import duties that i have to pay more from this price or is there any license required for importing this product?

im wondering if i should prepare for all these since this product is from hong kong.

please let me know, thanks a lot