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How to transfer iPhone contacts to my iMac ? [Apple iPhone - 144980]

Hello. Recently I have trouble with my new iMac and iPhone. I can successfully synced the music files from my iPhone to Mac. The question is that my  contacts that are still on the iPhone - How do I get these into my Address Book on the iMac? Do you have any ideas?? 
Help pls!!
  • breath22
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have you tried importing the contacts form the phone to google contacts then syncing then exporting them from there to a file on the computer then importing that into the address book
or you can also go through the info page in itunes for your phone and sync contacts from the phone to the computer that way by checking the box that says sync contact to then select address book

 If you do not understand what I've just said, let us know How to transfer iPhone contacts to my iMac

  • nycfanbee
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Sync the iPhone with iCloud and export contacts from iCloud. Or use third-party apps to export iphone contacts to mac. it is much easier as far as i know.

In this case, you may try the third-part software to fix the problems. Here I'd like to introduce you an awsome tool to get the contacts into you Address Book on the iMac.  

iPhone to mac transfer, it can help you to sync media files and other content selectively. Besides, with this tool, you can transfer file from iPhone to Mac in one click. 

  • Aimeene
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Not like photos or videos, iPhone users cannot directly transfer contacts from iPhone to computer with an USB cable. Thus Jihosoft Phone Transfer is developed to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer. Besides contacts, this tool also empowers to backup photos, videos, sms, notes, etc from android or iPhone to computer. 

  • jintou
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To transfer your contacts from iPhone to iMac, you can connect your iPhone to iMac via USB Cable. Then a pro iOS File Manager tool can be your help. With it, you can directly transfer cotnacts from iPhone to iMac. 

  • quiefhnj
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To extract iPhone contacts to Mac computer, you may probably take into advantage of an efficient iOS recovery tool, and I highly recommend TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Mac. It is able to recover up to 20 types of lost or deleted data including contacts, call history, text messages, iMessages, photos, videos, and other files from the iPhone directly, or from iTunes/iCloud bakcup. In addition, this program is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave system as well as the latest iOS 12. It supports almost all iOS devices ranging from the old iPhone 4 to the new iPhone XS Max, all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod touch 5. More importantly, you are allowed to preview all the existing and deleted items before recovery and select the exact ones you need to retrieve them to your Mac computer.

  • Lindaad
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How do I sync my contacts to iCloud and log in to iCloud on my Mac for download? Or you can use the transfer tool to transfer iPhone contacts to iMac.