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Charger Trouble Please Help [Apple iPhone - 144980]

  • graemewh
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I have an I phone and all of a sudden the USB charger (either from laptop or from the mains) has become temperamental I also get the message charging is not supported with this accessory despite it being the charger I got with the phone and it being fine for months but I have tried others that work on other peoples I pods and does the same.

If I fiddle with the lead a bit sometimes it charges but then the charging stops?? Ive tried 3 different USB cables and they have all been the same I placed the I pod in my docking station and it charges fine no problem? I have read a few have had this error am I best going to Apple shop? Also im with Orange so would I have got  a 1 year warranty and if this has ran out what can I do (I pay insurance every month)