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iphone stuck in recovery mode [Apple iPhone - 144980]

Mporei kapoios na mou pei ti na kanw???ekana anaba8misi sto iphone mou kai ola pigan straba apotelesma to iphone exei kolisei sto recovery mode kai den antidra se tpt ta exw dokimasei ola!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi can somebody help me????????????

my iphone stuck in recovery mode after update,I have try evrything but neather itunes can see it!!!!!



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Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode and here are the steps.

Step 1: Get the data cable out of your computer then turn off your iPhone.

Step 2: Long press "Home" button until you have your iPhone connected to the computer with the data cable. Then release the "Home"button.

Step 3: Now you iPhone has entered recovery mode smoothly.

Step 4: Then choose both the "Home" and "Power" button at the same time until you see a "white apple" logo on the screen. Then you can exit the recovery mode.

Use iPhone Data Recovery is also helpful. Good luck.

It's common to see that iPhone stuck in recovery mode. To get iPhone out of recovery mode, follow these steps:

1. Hold down the home and power button for about 15 seconds, this shuts off the iPhone.

2. Press the power button to boot the iPhone.

You also can try Fix Recovery.

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After you get the fixed iPhone from the Apple Store, you may find that some of the data in your iPhone are lost. This might not be the problem of the Apple Store, but the problem of the updating itself. If you want to recover the lost files from your iPhone, you can restore iPhone with the iTunes backup. However, if you only lost part of the data, and the iTunes backup is a little out of date, you may not want to use that backup. At this moment, you’d better use iPhone data recovery software to show you how to recover lost data from iPhone when iPhone stuck in recovery mode because you are able to preview and choose the data to recover, and you won’t be frustrated about which data are lost.

How to Recover Lost Data When iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

You can try iOS recovery tools, read more about iPhone stuck on recovery mode.

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For now, there are a couple of iOS system rescue tookits you can use. It can get iphone 7 out of recovery mode in simple steps.

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It is a common problem , you can read these steps :

Step 1: Recover Data from your iPhone Directly

Step 2: Recover Lost Data from iTunes Backup

You can fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode with iOS Rescuer 

If restarting the phone still doesn't work, you need to reset your phone to factory settings to resolve the iPhone stuck in recovery mode. And if iTunes doesn’t detect your phone, you can use other methods and tools

Hello there! I am newbie here, can anyone help me?



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I have already had that problem that my iPhone got stuck when I was doing the recovery mode using my laptop and the issue was not getting solved. Then I contacted Dell tech support as I was using Dell laptop for the help and they gave me the solution to get rid of that.