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unlocked iphone questions [Apple iPhone - 144980]

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i have ordered an unlocked iphone, i have lots of questions which i hope you good people can answer, i intend using a pay as you go virgin sim card, if i do this will i be able to use all the features as if it were connected to o2. when i receive the phone i assume that it has to be registered on the apple itunes website, does an unlocked phone still need to do this and if so what happens when it comes to the register to o2 screen or does it skip this particular screen. i really want to connect to the internet and gps - will an unlocked phone still do this, does the gprs need any particular assigning to the chosen sim card network or does it work through apple. finally i have heard that an unlocked phone cannot be updated, im not bothered about this, i have updated the itunes on my computer and have turned automatic updates off, is there anythink else i need do


any other hints/ tips welcome - as you can see im an expert at this!!!

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You wont have half the stuff ie free wifi connectivity and visual voicemail.  Not got a clue were you will get the gprs settings from either.
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