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BTM-100 gradually stopped working [AnyCom BTM-100 Bluetooth Mini Mouse - 115745]

  • sjbrown
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My new BTM-100 worked fine for two days then intermittently ceased responding for a few seconds at a time. The time got longer and longer and now there is not cursor response. It does emit light when switched on or off, but no other time. I'm also using a new D-Link DBT-120. Devices in control panel all say status is working properly. Any ideas?
  • grham
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I have just received a BTM-100 and have the same problem. It worked fine when I first linked it with the pc (Dell Latitude X1). The following day it just stopped working. The emitter flashes when I turn it on and off but remains off at all other times. It also never reaches full charge (the charger light never stops flashing). I've tried changing the batteries, but this makes no difference. Any suggestions ?