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Ordered on Request is what you have on your ad displaying the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 2019, 9th Generation [Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Tablet 2018 - 315079]

Does "Ordered on Request" mean the product - Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 2019, 9th Generation is not currently in stock?  If this is so, do you have an approximate date that it will be in stock?  Should I ask my question here or in "Contact Us?"  I really would like to buy one for my daughter in the Philippines.

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Product status "Ordered on request" usually means that we don't have stock in our local warehouse at the moment. Customers may place orders and the stocks can be arrived anytime soon but no guarantee of the dispatching date. In most situations, the earlier we recieve the order, the sooner stock arrival can be expected.