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compatability of bluetooth adaptor [Acer n30 Value Pack - 114011]

  • Robert 1
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on loading the software for the blue monkey USB bluetooth adaptor a pop up message saying that this software was not compatible with XP, installing it could cause running problems. Any suggestions?
  • Michael
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If you have SP2 then you should be able to just plug the dongle in and it should work. -- Michael - eXpansys
  • cieasl
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Hi, I have a Acer n30, purchased in Spain, on your forum i have seen that language can be changed by downloading a file from an ftp site, this i have done but dont fully understand the instructions regarding the following. Before Flash : 1. [PC] Make sure the USB driver for the Acer n30 device is installed. The USB driver is included in the file named "secbulk.inf". 2. [n30] Make sure the Acer n30 is fully charged or connected to the power adapter. Flash Process : 1. [PC] Run Acer n30 Flash Tool. 2. [n30] Set the hard reset switch to OFF. 3. [n30] Connect Acer n30 to your PC. 4. [n30] Press and hold the power button, and set the hard reset switch to ON. Relase the power button after five seconds. 5. [PC] Check the box with message of "I understand the notes and readme file". 6. [PC] Click the "Upgrade" button to begin flash. 7. [PC] Please follow the instructions to finish OS image upgrade. Your n30 will reboot automatically when OS image is upgraded. not being a techi, any help would be greatly appreciated on how the above is done