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Stupid Question - How to get wireless keyboard to work [Acer Aspire Revo R3600 Nettop PC - 183737]

  • pdnw10
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Great piece of hardware but i am using another wireless keyboard as i could not get the in box wireless keyboard

and mouse to connect.

Must be missing something.

Do i use the white dongle for the keyboard or what do i press to sync.

Is the white dongle just for the 3d game pad [that works] or does the mouse+keyboard use that ?

Is there some url that documents this stuff as the in box instructions were slim and no mention of wireless stuff.


Sorry to be dense - i work in IT and i am usually good at this stuff :)


 You may have figured this out already, but I thought I'd put any other poor soul out of their misery as it took me a couple of hours to find the answer...

 If you open up the mouse battery compartment, you'll find a tiny USB dongle inside. Goes nicely in the USB port by the power button.

A bit cryptic, but there you go. What ever happened to instruction manuals.


  • jsalama1
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I've follow the instruction manual, press the connect button in keyboard, then i can use the keyboard but the mouse doesn't work. Any ideas about that?what do i doing wrong?


Thanks in advance