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Does not take a charge? [Acer Aspire One Netbook - 170109]

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 What does "battery does not take a charge" mean? Reads to me like it should be in much bigger letters - i.e. I understand it to mean this is a mains-only Netbook  - is that right?



You would need to call sales for a definitive answer, as we here on the forum don't have access to stock.

It's possible the battery is duff, and a new one would sort the problem out but without physically having the device in my hands to check I can't tell you.

We're mainly volunteers on here, with the odd cameo appearance from eXpansys staff when they get a chance and as such can't see stock details, delivery times, prices, etc any more than you can.

Sorry I can't help you further but I'm pretty sure someone from sales will be able to and if not, will know just the person to ask.

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