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How can i reset the bios for the acer aspire?!? [Acer Aspire One Netbook - 170109]

  • Dixi
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Basicaly i have no idea what my bios password is and i'm f**ked without it..... How do i reset this bios password?


IS there software that will do it or does anyone know where the battery is situated? (So i can take it out to hopefully reset the bios). 

There is a bug in the bios that shortens your original password to its first 8 characters , and another bug in the bios

that cheks the typed password against the stored password in CAPITAL LETTERS.

If you have a clue of what password you set , try typing its first 8 characters in capital letters (see allso other bios isue in this site),

you can make as many trys as you want (you will have to switch off and on after every 3 wrong passwords cause the laptop will halt after 3 consecutive password misses)

If you have no clue at all about the password Im afraid you must send your aspire one back to Acers oficial service to solve it , sorry :-(